About Us

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the Western Balkans. Most of its territory is composed of forested mountains and high karst hills. There are numerous crystal clear rivers of all sizes, and a few of them are among the most treasured in Europe. Over the last ten years, the number of fishermen has steadily increased, and each year more anglers come to discover the fishing here. For those that enjoy fly fishing in pristine surroundings, or are searching for some of the finest brown trout, grayling and rainbow (californian) trout fishing, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the perfect destination.
We have a wide selection of fast flowing streams, shallow or deep sections, or lazy slow pools in canyons to challenge the most demanding angler. In addition the hospitality and warm welcome of our people will leave a lasting impression and we assure you of memorable experiences to be treasured.



About Me

My name is Amir Alagic. I live in Bihać, where I was born (1985) and bred. I'm a father of two beautiful children. I’ve loved fly fishing ever since my childhood, and I have not lived a day without it. Bihac is located on the banks of two beautiful rivers, Una and Klokot, where I spend most of my time enjoying their beauty. I have immense experience in tying flies, techniques I learnt from my uncle who showed me into almost every secret and detail of how to do it perfectly. In addition, I attended many national and international competitions, where I earned awards many times. I was awarded with a several gold medals. Rivers which I prefer are Una, Unac, Klokot, Sanica, Krusnica, Ribnik and Gacka (Croatian).

Travelling Information

Currency: Convertible mark (BAM), EUR 1.00 = BAM 1.95

Visa is not required for citizens of EU countries, Iran, Japan, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, U.S.A., Tunisia, Vatican, Switzerland, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Russian Federation, Croatia, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. All others are obliged to obtain visa for entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visas are to be issued by diplomatic and consular missions abroad.